New Website Reveals Where Churches Stand on LGBT Issues

A new online database called Church Clarity, launched by LGBT-affirming individuals, is starting to score churches on their positions on homosexuality by classifying whether a church is “affirming” or “non-affirming” of the LGBT agenda. Affirming churches would be those that allow LGBT individuals to “marry” in the church, participate in church sacraments, and participate in church leadership. So far, the online database has scored 40 churches with the hopes of doing more as momentum gains.

Church Clarity’s left leanings and use of possibly biased crowdsourcing to reveal church policies have many Christians wondering if churches with biblical viewpoints on homosexuality will be represented unfairly and unfavorably. However, trying to sound neutral, Church Clarity explains on its FAQ page, “The nuance of our mission is that regardless of the [church’s LGBT] policy, we believe disclosure is essential. That is why we are eager to enlist those who are passionate about clarity and who represent the full spectrum of theological positions.”

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