Nashville LGBT Businesses Get Legally Recognized

Nashville Mayor David Briley signed an executive order this week making LGBT-owned businesses a preference in Metro procurement and contracting. Nashville is the first city in the South to do this.

Said Briley, “We want to make sure that in this moment of prosperity, that no matter who you love or what you look like or no matter what your background or gender . . . you have a level playing field and fair shot at prosperity.”

Regrettably, contrary to the mayor’s stated intent, the executive order will result in preferences for LGBT-owned businesses and discriminate negatively against all others. Moreover, this will affect businesses located in other cities that do business with Nashville.

For the last two years, Family Action of Tennessee, the legislative arm of The Family Action Council of Tennessee, worked on legislation that would have prevented this kind of bias. It passed the Senate, but the effort failed in a House subcommittee. The bill has been reintroduced this year as Senate Bill 364/House Bill 569.

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  1. Robert Roark
    Robert Roark says:

    How can there be a level playing field if one of the players has a preferred label? I certainly hope the legislature will remedy this particular piece of totally biased action.

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