Mt. Juliet Mayor Proposes Rezoning of Abortion Clinic

The Mt. Juliet City Commission held a special meeting on Sunday to begin the process of amending the city’s zoning ordinance so that surgical abortion clinics would be allowed only in the city’s industrial-zoned areas.

The action is being taken in response to Atlanta-based Carafem opening an abortion facility in an area currently zoned for commercial use. According to Carafem COO Melissa Grant, the facility was opened in response to the influx of women in the Nashville area visiting their Atlanta branch for abortion procedures.

Carafem currently only offers the abortion pill for medical abortions for babies up to 10 weeks old, which would not be impacted by the proposed change. However, Carafem officials have indicated an intention to expand the Mt. Juliet facility to also provide surgical abortions.

The city zoning ordinance will go to the planning commission, which is scheduled to meet March 21. The ordinance could then go back to the city commission for a second reading on March 25.

There is also a question as to whether Carafem has filed the proper paperwork to do business in the city. If the city finds that the Carafem clinic is operating without the necessary paperwork, the clinic could be slapped with a stop work order at its current location.

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