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Sample Five Minutes for Families E-Newsletters

The Cure for Liberal Chaos

Just this week, Democratic congressmen “boycotted” a committee meeting because it was not enough to just vote “no” on a cabinet nominee, and students at Cal-Berkeley rioted simply because Breitbart’s editor was scheduled to speak on campus. Even at the state Capitol, the number of groups thinking it necessary to chant and shout to the point of distraction is increasing. What are we to make of this and what should we do?

Five Minutes for Families newsletter for February 3, 2017
Five Minutes for Families newsletter from January 20, 2017

Legislators Address the Unintended Consequences of Judicial Policy-Making

The front page, headline story in The Tennessean this week was “Bill: Define mother, father, husband, wife by biology.” It has already generated a firestorm of controversy in some circles. 

Could Reducing Taxes on Bread Create a Hot Potato?

Tennessee’s legislators are faced with a decision—what do they do with a surplus of almost $900 million in recurring revenue? Many will want to spend it on “improving” existing government programs by growing them. Last week I said they could consider using the money to buy some freedom from the federal government. Another possibility getting lots of discussion is to “spend” it by cutting taxes. But if that’s what legislators do, then they better be careful.

Five Minutes for Families newsletter from January 13, 2017

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