What About Margaret Sanger?

While several groups are seeking to remove various Confederate historical monuments and statues because of the Confederacy’s connection to the slavery issue, one wonders if the same type of ethical standard should be applied to the bust of Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood’s racist founder, at the Smithsonian’s Struggle for Justice exhibit.

In a 2015 letter to the museum’s director, Ministers Taking a Stand, a group of black pastors, pointed out Sanger’s well-documented promotion of eugenics, efforts to limit, if not eliminate black births, as well as her elitist and racist attitudes and comments in an effort to have the bust removed. The Smithsonian has refused to remove the bust, saying there is no “moral test” for those included in the gallery.

Isn’t it only fair that if those who played a hand in promulgating evil in our U.S. history must be removed, then the woman who believed in exterminating blacks should also be among those removals? How disingenuous of the Left to condemn history on one side but not the other.

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