Many Upset by 5-Year-Old’s School ‘Transition’ Ceremony

After a lesson on “transgenderism,” a kindergarten teacher at a Rocklin, Calif., school celebrated a 5-year-old boy’s “transition” by having him first presented to the class as a boy and then, after having him change into a dress, presenting him again to students as a girl. Not only did this upset some of the kindergarteners, who feared they might suddenly turn into the opposite sex, but it angered parents who knew nothing of the “transition” ceremony.

Rocklin Academy Schools defended the teacher’s position by explaining that gender identity and gender expression teaching is not considered sex education and, as such, is not covered by California’s parental consent and opt-out laws. Additionally, because California has a SOGI law, anyone who might voice opinions against “transgenderism” might be accused of discrimination and slapped with a lawsuit.

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