Mainstream Media Outlets Skewer Second Lady Karen Pence

On the White House’s newly declared Religious Freedom Day, the mainstream media attacked Vice President Mike Pence’s wife, Karen, after learning that she was teaching at a school that requires both its employees and students to adhere to biblical sexual standards. This is the same Christian school in Virginia where Ms. Pence had taught art for 12 years previously without incident.

While liberal-leaning journalists tout the school as “discriminatory,” the school is simply following its Judeo-Christian beliefs and Ms. Pence is simply demonstrating her right to work where she can follow her conscience.

As Ben Shapiro tweeted, “Pence’s wife is working for a Christian school that requires that Christian students pledge to abide by Christian standards of sin that have not changed in 2,000 years.”

Vice President Pence told the Family Research Council, “[T]he attacks on Christian education by the mainstream media have got to stop . . . This administration stands four-square for the freedom of religion of people of all faiths. And to see the mainstream media to criticize my wife because she’s choosing to return to the classroom of an elementary Christian school is wrong.”

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