Lesbian Says the ‘T’ in LGBT Doesn’t Belong

Conservatives aren’t the only ones fighting back against “transgenderism.” Lesbian Julia Beck is also fighting back, too, saying the “T” in LGBT has to go. She contends that accepting “transgenderism” puts women and girls at risk in single-sex spaces like bathrooms and locker rooms and gives an unfair advantage to “former” men in women’s sporting events.

Interestingly, she presents a scientifically based argument to support her position: “The L, G, and B are based on sexualities; they’re based on sex, biological realities. But the T is based on gender identity, which is not based in biological reality. In fact, I would argue it is opposed to biological reality.”

Though we disagree with Beck’s lifestyle choice, we do think she is correct. Next time you come up against those who think that conservatives and particularly conservative Christians are the only ones who oppose “transgenderism,” remind them that there are non-Christians who aren’t sold out on this subjective understanding of the human person and believe there is a real and important difference between “sex” and “gender.”

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