Kansas and Oklahoma Protect Faith-Based Adoption Providers

The Oklahoma and Kansas legislatures recently passed legislation to protect faith-based adoption agencies that choose to only place children in homes with a mother and father. Oklahoma will be the eighth state to protect the right of these adoption agencies if it is signed by the governor as expected.

While it is not clear if Kansas’ governor will sign that state’s version, Eric Teetsel, president and executive director of Family Policy Alliance of Kansas, was pleased with the results. “While other states shut down faith-based providers by establishing a radical, left-wing sexual litmus test, Kansas has made clear: everyone is welcome here.”

In neither state would the respective measures prevent same-sex couples from adopting, but would only protect faith-based agencies from being forced to place children in homes with same-sex parents.

LGBT activists and businesses have called the move discriminatory and legal actions challenging the laws are expected in both states.

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