Judge Sides With Christian Baker

A Denver federal judge ruled recently in favor of Christian baker Jack Phillips, allowing his lawsuit against the Colorado Civil Rights Commission to proceed.

The commission filed a new probable cause finding against Phillips for refusing to bake a gender transition cake shortly after he won his case at the U.S. Supreme Court. Phillips then filed a lawsuit alleging that the commission was acting in bad faith and bias toward him.

The state was hoping that the federal judge would dismiss Phillips’ latest lawsuit, but U.S. District Judge Wiley Daniel disagreed and sided with Phillips on three of the four grounds on which the commission sought dismissal. However, the court dismissed Phillips’ bid to make the individual members of the commission and its director personally liable for the damages he was seeking, as they would be under immunity for performing official duties.

Judge Daniel did note, however, that there was evidence that Phillips was treated unfairly by the commission and said, “[Those on the commission] are pursuing the discrimination charges against Phillips in bad faith.”

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