Protecting the Rights of Parents, Students, and Teachers

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Parents have the God-given responsibility to raise their children according to their beliefs and convictions.

FACT supports the rights of parents to determine how and what their children will be taught, and to shape the environment in which they will receive their education. Additionally, teachers shape the thinking of children for a lifetime and are entrusted by parents to model the critical thinking and spirit of free inquiry needed to succeed in the world.

Parents, students, and teachers are under assault from those who would take away their constitutional rights. FACT is working to protect those rights.


The State of Tennessee has adopted policies that prohibit all forms of bullying for any reason, however, the law could allow local school districts to establish anti-bullying policies that promote a particular political agenda or that protects some children at the expense of others.

FACT supports laws and policies that protect all students, regardless of their beliefs, both from bullying and from suppression of their freedom of speech and right to religious expression.

Intellectual Freedom

FACT supports academic freedom for both students and teachers in all subjects. This includes creating an environment that encourages the development of critical thinking skills and allows free inquiry, by both students and teachers, into arguments or controversies surrounding the subject matter being taught.

Sex Education

Sex education is part of the Tennessee state school curriculum, but how sex ed is taught can have a dramatic impact on a child’s future. FACT supports sex ed programs that give an accurate view of the consequences of sexual behavior.

Unfortunately, current state law does not ensure that all children will be told the truth about sex.

FACT’s Legislative Victories


FACT’s legislative arm, Family Action of Tennessee, created legislation considered the “strongest pro-abstinence law in the nation” by the National Abstinence Education Association. The legislation provided recourse for parents whose children experienced something egregious in state sex education courses.

FACT brings legislation that encourages science teachers to develop the critical thinking skills of students regarding evolution, making Tennessee the second state in the nation to pass such a bill.

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