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We believe in promoting and defending God’s design for marriage and the family, a biblical view of sexuality, the sacred, intrinsic value of life from cradle to grave, and religious liberty. These are our four core issues. Education, adherence to the Constitution and rule of law, and political accountability are subsidiary issues because of the effect they can have on our core issues.


marriage, wedding bouquetMarriage is not purely a social construct to be remolded or scrapped as society changes. Marriage is the name cultures have given to a life-long, sexually exclusive relationship between one man and one woman.
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If we take a sweeping look over the history of civilization, we will find that the nuclear family—mother, father, and child—has always been the foundation of societies. Civil government programs cannot replace the family or what a mother and father bring into the life of their child.
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Sexuality and Identity

sexuality and identityWhile our culture might be confused about “transgenderism,” “gender-neutral” pronouns, and the fluidity of gender expression, the Bible says in Genesis that He made us “male and female” (Genesis 1:27). It is impossible to erase from our humanity, our culture, and our law the distinction between the two sexes, and attempts to do so will end in cultural and legal incoherence.
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The law should protect the life of every person—no matter how old, young, or disabled. Over the past few decades some in our culture have waged war on human life: legalizing abortion in Roe v. Wade, destroying human embryos in the name of scientific research, and seeking to legalize “mercy” killing.
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Religious Liberty

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Over the last century, our religious freedom has come under attack from those who either misunderstand or distort our Founders’ writings. Religious liberty is the first liberty, the liberty that secures all other liberties.
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FACT supports the rights of parents to determine how and what their children will be taught, and to shape the environment in which they will receive their education.
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Biblical Worldview

FACT is committed to helping Tennesseans develop a strong, biblical worldview that can be applied in the real world. A biblical worldview will allow Christians to engage culture at all levels and bring the light of truth to the public square.
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Other Organizations Concerned With the Issues

We have found these websites to provide useful information for those who want to dig deeper into the issues; however, Family Action Council of Tennessee does not necessarily approve of or endorse the content of these sites.
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