Iowa Christian Leaders Club Wins Religious Liberty Case

Christian student group Business Leaders in Christ (BLinC), which required its leaders to embrace Christian religious tenets, won its case against the University of Iowa, which had stripped the group of its registered student organization status for denying a leadership position to an openly gay student who expressly rejected the group’s religious tenets.

While the university claimed that BLinC violated the school’s Human Rights Policy, the Christian student group argued that it was simply following its strongly held religious beliefs. A district court in Iowa ruled that the university had violated the club’s First Amendment rights to free speech, expressive association, and free exercise of religion.

Said BLinC president Jake Estell, “This victory reinforces the commonsense idea that universities can’t target religious student groups for being religious.”

Because of this latest ruling, this student group, along with 32 other religious student groups who had been censored by the school administration, will permanently remain on campus.

In 2013, Family Action of Tennessee led the effort to prevent Tennessee’s public university’s from doing what the Univerity of Iowa did.

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