InterVarsity Files Lawsuit Over University of Iowa’s Policy Limiting Religious Student Groups

InterVarsity Graduate Student Fellowship filed a federal lawsuit against the University of Iowa on Monday for being kicked off campus for requiring group leaders to be Christians and sign a statement of faith.

The University of Iowa also de-recognized and removed 37 other student groups that held to similar faith policies, including Chinese Student Christian Fellowship, Young Life, the Latter-day Saint Student Association, the Imam Mahdi Organization, and the Sikh Awareness Club. Since last spring, university leadership has been pressuring religious student groups to comply with the university’s human rights and discrimination policy, which ultimately violates the religious beliefs of these organizations.

“Banning religious groups from having religious leaders just flattens diversity and impoverishes the campus,” notes Becket attorney Daniel Blomberg with the law firm representing InterVarsity.

The only religiously based group that is still noncompliant with the university’s newest policy and has not yet been kicked off campus is Business Leaders in Christ because of pending litigation and a temporary injunction barring its banishment.

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