Information to be Provided Prior to Abortion (SB 2365 / HB 1746)

Requires that certain information regarding the physician who will perform an abortion be provided to the woman prior to an abortion.

Bill Analysis

Current law requires that a woman seeking an abortion must be provided with certain information and notice prior to the abortion being performed. This bill would require that notice to include information about the physician performing the abortion, such as:

  • The name of the physician;
  • Whether any disciplinary action has been taken against the physician;
  • Whether the physician has lost clinical privileges at an area hospital, and if so, the name of the hospital; and
  • Whether the physician has medical malpractice insurance.

Bill Sponsors

Crowe in the Senate
Hill, M. in the House

Bill Status

Passed by the House Health Committee. No action taken in the Senate.

Full Text: Senate Bill / House Bill