IL High School Student Awarded for Being ‘Transgender’

Chicago-area “transgender” student Sorrel Rosin was awarded the John F. Kennedy Medal of Honor, one of Deerfield High School’s highest awards, simply because “he” was advocating for more coed bathrooms.

The medal of honor is typically awarded to a student who “demonstrates courage in the pursuit of excellence,” notes the school’s principle, Kathryn Anderson. The school already had two multi-occupancy, coed restrooms before Rosin began The Gender Neutral Project.

Notes Laurie Higgins, the Cultural Affairs Writer at the Illinois Family Institute, “Admirable, award-deserving courage demonstrates perseverance, boldness, and discomfort in the service of a worthy goal, and a worthy goal is one that is informed by goodness and truth. Eradicating the public recognition of and respect for sex differences is not a worthy goal, and pursuing it—no matter how difficult the effort—is not worthy of honor.”

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