Hollywood Shows Double Standard With Praise for Pederastic Movie

Amidst allegations of sexual assault among male news anchors, politicians, and Hollywood stars, you would think that Tinseltown would be less than enthusiastic about gushing over the new pro-pederastic film Call Me By Your Name, which opened nationwide Thanksgiving weekend. The new film celebrates the sexual attraction between a 25-year-old adult male character and a 17-year-old boy.

But, alas, there is a double standard in Hollywood—there is a standard that says heterosexual men should not use their positions of influence or power over women to satisfy their sexual appetites (and they shouldn’t), but that standard doesn’t also condemn an adult male using his position of influence and power as an adult to satisfy his sexual appetite for young boys. While pedophilia is the mental state of being attracted to prepubescent children, pederasty takes it one step further by sexualizing that relationship.

LifeSiteNews blogger Doug Mainwaring expresses his concern about the shift down the slippery slope of today’s sexual mores: “After scoring win after win in courts across the nation, culminating in the United States Supreme Court’s landmark same-sex marriage Obergefell decision in 2015, the progressive left has moved on to its remaining frontiers: transgenderism and adult/child sexual relationships.”

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