Heartbeat Bill Gains Support of Key Legislative Leaders

Gov. Bill Lee and two of Tennessee’s top lawmakers, House Speaker Glen Casada and Lt. Gov. Randy McNally, have announced their support for a bill introduced by Rep. Micah Van Huss that would ban an abortion as early as six weeks if a fetal heartbeat is found.

This is the third year that Van Huss has proposed such legislation because as he says, “One of our primary responsibilities as government is to keep our citizens safe. And the killing of our citizens need [sic] to stop.” While Van Huss will not rule out the possibility of minor amendments this year, he stated that it will either pass or fail as it is written.

This latest push comes on the heels of similar legislation that has either passed or is currently working through legislatures in other states. An Iowa judge recently struck down that state’s heartbeat bill holding that it violated the state’s constitution and federal courts have struck down similar laws several years ago.

However, Van Huss expressed optimism that the law would be upheld in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit, which includes Tennessee. “The Sixth Circuit is considered the most conservative circuit court in the country, so I’m hopeful if this legislation gets challenged that the Sixth Circuit would side with life,” says Van Huss.

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