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When you invest in FACT, you are helping us to promote and defend God’s design for marriage and the family, life, and religious liberty in Tennessee.

FACT has become the largest pro-family policy organization in Tennessee with a proven track record of success at our state Capitol.

You Are Transforming Culture

FACT’s vision is to create a culture in Tennessee in which marriage is honored, families thrive, life is cherished, and religious liberty is protected. FACT does so through these avenues:

  • Equipping citizens, church leadership, and public officials with a biblical perspective on political, social, and cultural issues
  • Providing briefings and seminars
  • Informing and educating Tennesseans through digital and print media

When you link arms with us, you are transforming Tennessee, too!

You Are Investing in Making a Difference

In the first 10 years, FACT accomplished great things in our state because of the support of generous financial partners like you. You can read about how you made a difference in our Celebrate 10 YearsWith Us! section. We look forward to accomplishing even greater works by God’s grace in our next decade.

Your Gift Is Tax-Deductible

Because FACT is a 510(c)(3) charitable educational organization, your financial gift is tax deductible, and that is good news when tax season comes around!

You Are Educating Voters

In election years, not only are you getting informed through our online Voter Guide outlining candidate responses to questions about key issues in our state so that you can make a more informed decision at the polls, but you are also gaining the chance to inform your friends and family as well. FACT’s sister organization, Family Action of Tennessee, helps keep Tennessee’s state legislators accountable by scoring legislators’ votes on key legislation through what are termed scorecards.

You Are Bringing Conservative, Pro-Family Legislation to the Tennessee General Assembly

Every year during legislative session, FACT and FACT’s legislative arm, Family Action of Tennessee, track and lobby legislation being debated by the Tennessee General Assembly so that you can be informed and make your voice heard with your state legislators for a better Tennessee.

You Are Also Working With Other Family Organizations You Trust

When you join FACT, you are working with other well-respected, like-minded organizations including, Focus on the Family, Family Policy Alliance, Family Research Council, and Alliance Defending Freedom. Strategic alliances allow FACT to accomplish more with the financial resources entrusted to us by financial partners like you.