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The Family Action Council of Tennessee, Inc. (FACT) is seeking a mature, experienced Director of Operations to oversee and carry out its operational needs. These needs include activities, tasks, and responsibilities, as directed by the President, in human resource, financial, insurance, government compliance, and other administrative areas. Depending on the skills and attributes of the successful candidate, additional tasks and responsibilities may be included as part of this position in the areas of community and constituent relations and event management.

FACT is a Christian nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate and equip Tennesseans and public officials to effectively promote and defend a culture that values God’s design for the family, for the sake of the common good. FACT works hand in hand with its advocacy affiliate, The Family Action of Tennessee, Inc. (FAT). Family Action of Tennessee advocates for state and sometimes local legislation and public policy initiatives having the same goal. The Director of Operations supports both organizations.

This full-time position is based at their main office in Franklin, TN (a Nashville suburb). Competitive compensation, dependent upon experience, is offered. Three weeks paid vacation (increasing over time), nine paid holidays, and four paid personal/sick days annually. No health insurance is offered, but a matching IRA is offered.

Skill and Experience Requirements

The successful applicant must be adept at implementing various operational tasks and projects without supervision; developing and following through with individual components of specific operational plans; thinking and planning strategically regarding operational needs and initiatives; communicating verbally and in writing at a high level; and working cooperatively within a small team environment.

Prior experience in the operational management of a nonprofit organization or for-profit business is strongly preferred. The applicant must have excellent organizational skills, be focused on details as well as have the ability to engage in strategic thinking, and have good people skills. Experience with both Microsoft and Apple technology and software is preferred but not mandatory. Experience with Customer Relationship Management databases is a plus.

The ability to work in a fast-paced environment, plus a generous amount of humor, flexibility, team spirit, and humility are important attributes for success in this position.

Functional Responsibilities

Assist the President, as he directs, on activities, tasks, and projects in the following administrative areas (some examples are provided):

(a) Financial

  • Review/approve bills and expenses, credit card and vendor account reconciliations, and bookkeeping-related expense journals
  • Determine as needed general ledger account and subaccount allocations
  • Review monthly financial statements prepared by bookkeeper and make periodic cash flow projections regarding end-of-year-revenue versus expenses
  • Provide oversight management with respect to processing donations and other revenue sources
  • Assist the President in the preparation of the annual budget
  • Assist the President in the preparation of any grant proposals and reports

(b) Reports, Contracts, and Insurance

  • Prepare and submit a variety of state-level reports and returns, including corporate annual reports, registrations for organizations engaged in charitable solicitations, and lobbying-related registrations and expenditure reports
  • Assist outside accountant in the preparation of federal Form 990 tax returns for both FACT and FAT
  • Review proposed contracts and agreements, and negotiate their terms, for various services and arrangements
  • Work with insurance agent in ensuring the provision and adequacy of various types of insurance coverage

(c) Employee/Human Resources

  • Supervise Office Manager/Executive Assistant position
  • Review and approve monthly time and expense reports from employees; maintain Paid Time Off charts for employees; handle payroll-related issues
  • Conduct searches for new employees; train new administrative personnel in their job duties; train all new personnel in administrative procedures
  • Maintain performance-related information for employees; confer with the President on employee performance, evaluation, and retention issues

(d) Other Administrative Functions

  • Evaluate office equipment needs and assist on resolving IT-related issues
  • Oversee website and email hosting and internet connectivity services
  • Maintain files for historic tax filings, professional registrations, insurance data, and employee personnel jackets
  • Oversee employee management of and on-going evaluation of Constituent Relationship Management database and related components

Other Potential Responsibilities

Additional tasks and responsibilities may be included in this position, depending on the skills and attributes of the successful candidate and at the direction of the President. Examples of such potential activities include assisting in plans and strategies for donor development and fundraising; assisting the Director of Communications by reviewing, revising, and editing drafts of electronic and hard copy communications; responding to constituent inquiries about organizational initiatives; and conferring with the President on new initiatives, events, programs, and strategic issues; speaking on behalf of FACT at constituent relations events regarding its mission and its specific initiatives for which travel overnight might be required.

Qualified candidates should email their resume and any questions to by May 31, 2019. Mark resume attn: Lonnie Hearne. Candidates may provide additional information, including references and samples of their work product, as long as it accompanies their resume. Candidates who in the sole discretion of FACT are not qualified will not be considered. More information about FACT can be found at and Family Action of Tennessee at

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