Georgia School Orders Homosexual Book Removal at Book Fair

School officials at Athens Academy in Georgia asked Avid Bookshop to remove its LGBT-themed The Best Man, a Georgia Children’s Book Award nominee, at the school’s book fair for 3-9-year-olds recently based on concern from parents.

“Several parents raised concerns over a book that contained situations they were not yet prepared to discuss with their young children, and a decision was made to remove the book to a more discreet location,” Head of School John Thornsen wrote on the school’s website.

Avid Bookshop countered with an accusation of “discrimination, censorship, and homophobia” and a lengthy Facebook post accusing parents of denying the existence of homosexual couples. Apparently, Athens Academy’s librarian had approved of the book before the March 7th book fair.

Despite the accusations of hate from the pro-LGBT bookstore and the librarian’s apparent lack of discernment, Thornsen did not back down or apologize for taking a stance for the protection of children from LGBT indoctrination, saying, “At the heart of this issue is Athens Academy’s support for our parents’ right to engage in conversations with their children in the manner and time they deem most appropriate.”

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