Georgetown University Offers New LGBT Dorm

Jesuit-founded Georgetown University is providing a campus residence facility for LGBT students beginning with the 2018-2019 academic year. Georgetown’s Vice President of Student Affairs Todd Olson says, “It is in keeping with our Catholic and Jesuit values to provide a language, perspective, and sense of inclusion for deepening our sense of cura personalis.” But Federalist writer Maureen Mullarkey believes Olson’s comments violate the school’s faith-based tradition. “You might think that care for the entire person—cura personalis—would demand countering the long, institutional march against established norms, particularly sexual ones. That charity in its fullness would deny efforts to override the concept of normalcy and of nature itself,” she says. “Instead, a Jesuit institution has permitted LBGTQ militants to turn a gracious phrase into a slogan of infiltration with a religious gloss.”

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