Gallup Reveals Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Not in Demand Since Obergefell

This week marks the two-year anniversary of the Obergefell decision, and while the secular media made us believe Obergefell was responsive to a huge demand for same-sex “marriage” among homosexuals, according to a new Gallup poll, the data tells a different story.

Since the Supreme Court ruling, the percentage of LGBT adults in a same-sex “marriage” rose from 7.9 percent at the time of the decision to 9.6 percent one year later, but over the next year, the percentage rose to only 10.2 percent. Additionally, over that two-year period, same-sex partnerships decreased by 3.5 percent. Most interesting of all, LGBT adults still prefer marriage to a member of the opposite sex. Read that statement again; 17.3 percent of LGBT adults are married to or cohabiting with an opposite-sex person, while 16.8 percent of that demographic is married or cohabiting with a same-sex person.

Looks like the media’s depiction of some great pent-up desire among homosexuals for same-sex “marriage” may have been fake news.

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