Gallup Poll Tries to Prove Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ More Acceptable Now

Acceptance of homosexual “marriage” has dramatically shifted in the last 12 years, according to a new Gallup survey that has been conducted yearly since 2005. Sixty-one percent believe same-sex “marriage” should be recognized as legally valid, whereas about that same amount believed it was wrong in 2005.

Perhaps more telling is that according to the survey, 60 percent believe that homosexual behavior is “morally acceptable,” while 37 percent believe it to be “morally wrong.” Again, the findings have basically flipped since 2001.

Brian Camenker, founder and president of the pro-family group Mass Resistance, has a theory about this shift. He contends it takes “massive amounts of constant media and cultural propaganda for people to believe these things. Thus, the big change in a relatively short time. But if that stops, everything will go back to normal. It always has.”

It will only stop, however, if people of faith are willing to challenge the truth of the prevailing sexual ethic.

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