Florida School District’s Transgender Practices Violate Teacher Conscience and Student Privacy Rights

Without informing parents or students, Chasco Middle School in Pasco County, Fla., took it upon itself, and without any guidance from the school board, to allow a self-identified transgendered “boy” (biological girl) to have unfettered access to the boys’ locker room and then through a “gag order” forbade teachers from talking or even answering students’ questions about the matter.

Going one step further, school administrators ordered two P.E. teachers, one male and one female, to supervise that same “transgendered boy” in the boys’ locker room. Although the teachers feared disciplinary action, both refused.

It all began when the Pasco County School District, without taking formal action, allowed schools to implement radical pro-transgender guidelines developed by Jackie Jackson-Dean in her role as LGBT liaison. Jackson-Dean provides some chilling guidance in her “Talking Points About Gender-Inclusive Schools.” In this resource, she says that a “child’s rights are not being violated when a transgender student accesses the facilities that correspond to their gender identity,” that “transgenderism” is not a choice, and that privacy concerns prevent administrators from saying how many children in the school identify as transgendered.

Liberty Counsel has demanded the district put an end to the violation of students’ and teachers’ rights. So far, the school district has continued to ignore those demands.

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