First Week of Legislative Session: New Elections and Committee Assignments

The 111th Tennessee General Assembly began this week and the first order of business was the election of Rep. Glen Casada (R-Franklin) as the new Speaker of the House. We congratulate Speaker Casada and look forward to working with him.

As expected, Sen. Randy McNally (R-Oak Ridge) was reelected Speaker of the Senate, which also means he serves as our state’s Lt. Governor.

This week’s activity was filled mostly with organizational activity. The General Assembly will continue in organizational session next week in preparation for Governor-elect Bill Lee’s inauguration next Saturday, and likely the following week as well.

We took advantage of the week to meet some of the new members as well as confirm sponsors for the legislation we intend to pursue this year.

One matter of particular interest to most legislative observers occurred Thursday when the speakers of both the House and Senate released committee appointments. The makeup and leadership of the committees and subcommittees are critical to the passage of legislation. We have experienced firsthand how three members of a five-member subcommittee can derail legislation.

We will be providing more information on those bills in the coming weeks and will keep you apprised as these and other bills of interest progress through the process.

Will Burns is FACT’s Public Policy Director.