First-Grader Traumatized After School Playground Wording Mishap

California’s Rocklin Academy is in the news again. Last week, we mentioned the school because of a shocking kindergarten “transgender” transition ceremony. This week, during recess, a female first-grader was sent to the principal’s office for calling a student she knew the year before by his given name instead of his newly identified girl name. When the newly “transgender” boy reported the incident to a teacher, the little girl was questioned for an hour to find out if she had bullied the gender-confused boy. The school realized it was an honest mistake and did not punish or reprimand her.

At the mother’s request, Alliance Defending Freedom is investigating the incident and the school’s gender identity classroom lesson. “Our focus is on ensuring that every student’s privacy is protected and that parental rights, including the right to be notified before children are exposed to gender identity teaching, are respected by the school officials,” said ADF.

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