Feminist Group Tries to ‘Expose’ Pregnancy Care Centers

Those undercover fetal tissue trafficking videos exposing Planned Parenthood must have really gotten under the skin of some pro-choice liberals, because now the crudely named Lady Parts Justice League is trying to recruit pro-abortion feminists to go undercover to “expose” pregnancy care centers through their “ExposeFakeClinics” campaign.

The irony is that these pro-life pregnancy care centers offer women many helpful services for free, and do so with little or no taxpayer support, unlike Planned Parenthood clinics. And what’s fake about needy women getting real care like pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, prenatal exams, STD testing, and counseling on alternatives to abortion?

Alliance Defending Freedom notes, “The truth, of course, is that federally qualified health centers serve women much better and are more deserving of funds than Planned Parenthood, and pregnancy care centers offer hope to women that Planned Parenthood won’t.”

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