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Whose House Needs Judging?

Last Thursday, the U.S House of Representatives voted in favor of the so-called Equality Act that, if passed by the U.S. Senate, would make biological confusion the law of the land. Businesses, schools, and even the YMCA will be required to treat men as women and vice versa if that is how a person subjectively wants to “identify.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, touting the act’s approval, said, “This is not about tolerance. This is about respect for our LGBTQ communities, this is about taking pride.”

When a nation’s leaders take pride in what God calls an abomination, will God forever remain silent, particularly if those who profess Jesus as Savior and Lord remain silent, too? Let Christians not think God’s judgment will begin in the U.S. House; Scripture tells us judgment begins in the house of God.

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