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Taking on the Abortion Giant

Next week the Tennessee Senate’s Judiciary Committee will hear testimony on a “fetal heartbeat” bill. The focus will be the bill’s constitutionality. Under the precedent of Roe v. Wade, the answer is clearly no.

But Roe’s constitutional reasoning has been sharply criticized from the beginning by liberal and conservative lawyers. Surprisingly, in 46 years, no state has passed a bill that directly attacks Roe’s foundations. For 46 years, the Court has not been forced to reexamine Roe’s reasoning.

So, the real question these senators must answer is whether it’s time to stop cowering before the U.S. Supreme Court by attacking Roe in roundabout ways and pass a bill that forces the issue. Roe seems like a giant to overcome, but God has used His people to slay giants before. It’s time we take on the giant.

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