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FACT Report: The Reformation Needed in Our Generation

This week, Protestants mark the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Both good and bad sprang from it, but one positive was the recovery of the Church’s understanding that Adam’s Fall affected everything, not just our personal lives, but also that which our lives produce—culture and civilization.

This doctrine has many implications, but one is that our problems are not due to some aspect of the created order, which God said was good, but to something alien to it—sin.

So, when certain political reform movements think simply changing our environment can solve our problems, they overlook the underlying evil that created the environment about which they complain—our sinfulness.

Another government program isn’t needed as much as a recognition of our sinfulness and a call to repentance. That’s the reform movement our generation needs.

The FACT Report, featured on several conservative radio stations, is a weekly one-minute audio commentary about a political or cultural issue affecting Tennesseans.

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