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Why Political Conservatives Think America is Dying

Jonah Goldberg’s newest book, The Suicide of the West, has generated a huge debate among those who consider themselves political conservatives.

Goldberg argues the West, which includes America, is committing suicide because it is rejecting what he considers the basis of our success, the Enlightenment’s emphasis on individual autonomy and reliance on human wisdom. But other conservatives disagree, arguing that America is dying as a natural result of embracing the Enlightenment’s humanism.

In other words, both sides agree that America is dying. Their conclusion is consistent with what most Americans tell pollsters, that America is “off track.”

The question is whether their diagnoses are correct. If we don’t diagnosis our condition rightly, then a cure is impossible.

We hope you’ll listen over the next few weeks as we talk about their diagnoses and the cure we need.

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