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FACT Report: When Personality and Piety Aren’t Enough

Tennesseans are already being asked to support various gubernatorial candidates. So, it’s not too early to ask, “What should we be looking for in a governor?”

Many will support a candidate simply because they like that person. And many Christians will support a candidate because he or she would make a great elder, deacon or Bible study leader.

But the next governor will face unprecedented moral issues and threats to our very form of government. Personality and piety are not going to be enough.

Does the candidate you’re supporting have a biblical view of government and law and understand how our constitutional form of government is supposed to work?

If not, you may be supporting a nice, moral candidate who has no clue what civil government should do about the moral and constitutional issues he or she will face.

The FACT Report, featured on several conservative radio stations, is a weekly one-minute audio commentary about a political or cultural issue affecting Tennesseans.

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