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FACT Report: New Biblical Worldview Seminar, Restoring the Vision

What is the point of being a Christian? What are we are “saved” for? Is Christianity about more than piety in this life and heaven later?

FACT’s president, David Fowler, grappled with these questions at a crisis point in his life. And on November 11th, at FACT’s Restoring the Vision seminar, he will share the foundational scriptural principles that changed his worldview and altered the course of his life.

Restoring the Vision will not only give you the tools you need to see the world through a biblical lens, but also help you discover how your life fits into the overarching purpose of God for His creation.

Restoring the Vision will be at the Nashville School of Law on the morning of November 11th. Register for Restoring the Vision here.

The FACT Report, featured on several conservative radio stations, is a weekly one-minute audio commentary about a political or cultural issue affecting Tennesseans.

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