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FACT Report: Will Judges Stop Lawless County Clerks?

A few years ago, the attorney general opined that elected officials such as county clerks must obey the law, even if similar laws in other states have been held unconstitutional, until a court actually declares the Tennessee law unconstitutional.

So why are our county clerks issuing same-sex “marriage” licenses when the license law, which requires applicants to be a male and a female, has not yet been ruled unconstitutional by a court? Who gave county clerks the authority to act like judges and decide whether the words “male” and “female” could just be stricken from that law and that they could go on with business as usual?

A lawsuit filed by FACT has asked the courts to stop this unauthorized activity. Soon we will find out if even our judges care anymore if the law is obeyed.

More Info About the Lawsuit

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