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Keeping Focused in the Political World

Recently, a Tennessee legislator was upset that we had reported on adverse actions he’d taken on a bill. He told us we were no longer welcome in his office. While unpleasant news, it was a great reminder of what a biblical worldview means.

Whatever our position or calling in life, when we understand that whatever authority, power, or influence we have comes from God, we do not have to fight others to maintain it. It is God’s to give or withdraw.

Jesus tells us that, apart from Him, we can do nothing, so, in our case, our future effectiveness does not depend on whether a legislator is happy with what we report. When we are faithful and singularly focused on pleasing God, we can leave worry about the future to Him and focus on the next task ahead.

The FACT Report, featured on several conservative radio stations, is a weekly one-minute audio commentary about a political or cultural issue affecting Tennesseans.

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