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Finding the Best Imperfect Candidate

Tennessee’s Republican Primary for governor has seen a flurry of “attack” ads, leaving many voters unsure about what to believe. What is true about them—and all candidates for office—is what’s true about all of humanity: There is none righteous, no not one. So, read all you can, listen to what’s said, and then ask God to help you identify the candidate who:

  • best understands that power comes from God and it is to Him they will account for their political activities and policy decisions,
  • will seek the counsel of those steeped in the application of Scripture to public policy, and
  • is most likely to repent and reverse course when confronted about errors in attitudes, actions, and policy judgments.

In other words, look for the candidate most like David, whose heart and mind was fixed on God.

Check out TNVoterGuide.org for gubernatorial and state legislative resources.

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