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Did the Elections Expose Our Idolatry?

Last week judgment day came for a number of political candidates. One interesting phenomenon, noted by even the mainstream media, was how few candidates were willing to talk about LGBT policy issues; it was considered “politically risky.”

Given that so many Tennesseans consider themselves evangelicals, what does this say about evangelicalism’s embrace of the Scripture’s teaching on human sexuality?

At the turn of the 19th century, Abraham Kuyper, a minister and politician said, “if a government knows that enacting laws according to the demands of God’s Word will meet with reluctance and resistance, [government] will be tempted to go astray itself and burn incense before the idols of the day.

If Kuyper’s assessment is true, then the reluctance of candidates across Tennessee to speak to LGBT policy issues exposes a form of idolatry that today exists across our state.

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