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Electing People or Consequences?

Ideas have consequences, and so do elections. That’s important to remember as early voting begins this week in Tennessee.

The U.S. Senate race gives Tennesseans an opportunity to vote for or against more of what Dianne Feinstein and Cory Booker demonstrated in connection with Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation and for or against a form of politics that urges incivility and physical harassment and violence, as recently called for by Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, and Barbara Boxer.

That’s really our choice, because, in the current D.C. political atmosphere, no one will be allowed to be neutral or independent.

At the state level, in addition to choosing our legislators, we will choose a new governor who will set our state’s policy agenda for the next four years.

So, remember, you’re voting as much for consequences as for a person.

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