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Does Modern Evangelicalism ‘Support’ Infanticide?

Our nation was appalled by New York’s abortion law condoning infanticide. Gov. Cuomo, a Catholic, defended the law said, “I have my own Catholic beliefs, how I live my life … That is my business as a Catholic. I don’t govern as a Catholic.”

In other words, his Catholicism pertains only to his spiritual life, not his secular life.

But before Protestants heap scorn on Gov. Cuomo’s theology or the Catholic Church, they need to remember that this dualistic way of viewing life is rampant within much of modern evangelicalism. Far too many evangelicals today see engaging government as just polishing the brass on a sinking ship, interfering with spiritual pursuits as they await going to heaven.

By embracing this sacred-secular split, those evangelicals unwittingly lend aid to a worldview that can condone and justify infanticide.

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