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Denying Service to Religious Customers

After the Tennessee Democratic Party advised Cracker Barrel that a Knoxville-area pastor had preached a sermon lambasting homosexuality, Cracker Barrel informed the church that it could not use its facility for a meeting on “soul winning.”

The Party praised the restaurant chain’s decision, but didn’t it violate state and federal civil rights laws prohibiting public establishments from denying service based on creed or religion? And how could Cracker Barrel not provide service because a customer’s religious beliefs violated its beliefs, but a Christian baker or florist can’t refuse to provide custom wedding cakes and floral arrangements because their customer’s beliefs violated their religious beliefs?

Christians need to realize there is no such a thing as religious neutrality. Understand what has happened here: Tennessee’s Democratic Party expected non-neutrality, and Cracker Barrel chose to bow before the god of mammon.

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