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Carefully Research Political Endorsements

When former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee endorsed Randy Boyd for governor, he said to be wary of attacks made against him by “politicians.” But the same holds true for a politician’s endorsement of a candidate, particularly when that politician lives out of state.

Often out-of-state politicians endorse candidates without knowing all they should know. For example, Huckabee, a strong advocate for the traditional family and religious liberty, probably didn’t know that Boyd’s primary business is a member of the LGBT advocacy group Tennessee Thrives that is in lockstep with Tennessee’s version of the Human Rights Campaign. And Huckabee probably didn’t know that Boyd’s restaurant in Knoxville hosted an LGBT “Pride Day” event in June.

So, be wary of politicians bearing endorsements—they may not have known or valued the things you think important to your vote.

Check out TNVoterGuide.org for election resources.

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