FACT Report: August 22, 2012

End the Hate – Start the Debate (August 22, 2012)

If I call you a hater will you shut up?

Real hate does exist in the world. The kind that sends millions to the gas chamber or motivates a lynch mob. Christians rightly condemn that kind of hate, as they should.

Now a new kind of hate has emerged that says if “you disagree with me, you hate me.”

But this is really just a means liberals use to try to shut down debate. No one wants to be called a hater, so conservative keep quiet.

It’s time for liberals to stop calling those who disagree with them “haters.” That kind of name calling can lead some to act out real hate like the recent shooting at the Family Research Council.

Liberals mean for the label “hate” to silence us. Let’s not allow that to happen. Let’s end the hate, and start the debate.

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