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Will We Accept the Cure for What Ails Us?

As American culture continues to die, some conservatives believe we need to emphasize more the Enlightenment’s principles of human autonomy and reason while others say those principles, by themselves, will continue our deathly trajectory.

This latter group believes the Enlightenment’s principles succeeded because other things were also at work—a generally agreed-upon moral code, intact families, and strong private associations.

Consequently, they believe those conditions must return if our decline is to stop and progress is to continue. However, those conditions weren’t due to human achievement. They were the product of belief in the sovereign God of the Bible, spread through the Reformation that preceded the Enlightenment.

What Enlightenment thinkers want is continued progress but without God. Yes, life apart from God is certain death. Acknowledging the sovereign God is not a cure Enlightenment thinkers will swallow.

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