Enhances Privacy Protections for Student Data (SB 2029 / HB 2690)

As introduced, this bill creates additional privacy protections for students’ education and health records; prohibits the release of student records in certain circumstances without parents’ informed written consent.

Bill Analysis

The bill as drafted would require the prior informed written consent of a parent before a student participates in a personal analysis, survey, or evaluation that could reveal personal information and/or beliefs as well as the right to see whatever instruments would be used in the survey. It also details the information that must be provided to the parent in making the informed consent and places other safeguards to protect personally identifiable information of students. As amended the bill will require the local education agency to notify parents before a child is subjected to a mental health evaluation

Bill Sponsors

Green in the Senate
Weaver in the House

Bill Status

Signed by the Governor on 5/3/18, Public Chapter 910.

Full Text: Senate Bill / House Bill