David Daleiden Criminal Hearings Halted

The two-week-long preliminary criminal hearings of pro-life investigative journalist David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of The Center for Medical Progress were to begin Monday at the Superior Court in San Francisco. However, in response to a stay issued by the California Supreme Court suspending “all further proceedings,” California Superior Court Judge Christopher Hite vacated the preliminary hearings late in the evening on Good Friday, delaying them indefinitely.

The California Supreme Court will now consider a petition for review filed on April 19 by Merritt’s attorneys contending she was being selectively prosecuted.

The Thomas More Society, which represents Daleiden, was thrilled with the news and will file a second petition for review. Said Thomas More Society President and Chief Counsel Tom Brejcha, “We are grateful for this welcome development and hopeful that the California Supreme Court will choose to hear and decide the extremely critical issue raised in this appeal, namely, whether a prosecutor may exercise his or her powers to enforce the criminal laws on a selective, politically discriminatory basis.”

The proceedings would have determined whether Daleiden and Merritt would stand trial for the 15 felony counts they are currently facing from the state of California for releasing undercover videos of Planned Parenthood workers discussing the illegal sale of baby body parts in 2015.

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