Conservatives Put Pressure on Social Media Platforms Over Bias

Brent Bozell of Media Research Center, Tony Perkins of Family Research Council, Jerry A. Johnson of the NRB’s Internet Freedom Watch, Tim Wildmon of American Family Association, and more than 60 other key conservative leaders signed a joint statement May 1st asking social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube to adopt four principles to give the conservative voice equal treatment on its platforms.

Those principles include providing transparency by developing open systems that would provide accountability, providing clarity on what is deemed “hate speech,” providing equal footing for conservatives in giving input to the entities, and mirroring the First Amendment.

The joint statement comes after the Media Research Center released an extensive report on liberal bias within these top four tech giants.

Said NRB’s Johnson, “They have been producing an echo chamber that is for liberal ideas, progressive ideas, and left-wing ideas.”

Then this week, responding to criticism and pleas from conservatives, Facebook announced it is going to do an internal review of its alleged anti-conservative bias through an outside company, Covington and Burling, and will also have discussions with the Heritage Foundation about ways it can improve.

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