Conservatives Explain Equality Bill’s Harms

This week, in the first hearing about H.R. 5, the so-called Equality Bill, which would elevate sexual orientation and gender identity to protected status under the law, Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.), ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, gave stirring testimony about why this bill is particularly treacherous for women and children.

Collins said the legislation “would demolish the hard-won rights of women, putting them once again at the mercy of any biological man who identifies, at any moment, as a woman. . . There will be many losers because H.R. 5 bows to political expedience that silences calls for fairness, flouts science, and has no compassion for the women and children it marginalizes.”

FRC’s Tony Perkins said, “Women, faith, businesses, privacy, education, athletics, and health care—they’re all on notice: If the Equality Act passes, no one who thinks practically on gender and sexuality is safe.” The result would be the destruction of “centuries of religious liberty, open debate, and free speech.”

The Human Rights Campaign has started a video series called “Americans for the Equality Act” that uses high-profile people to persuade the average person to support the Equality Act by playing on emotion and a sense of “fairness” and “dignity” rather than facts. How ironic that the videos call for a sense of equal treatment for everyone, knowing that H.R. 5 will not protect the religious liberty of a majority of Americans.

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