Congress Fights for Kittens, Not Babies

While many in Congress have no problem voting to kill babies in the name of “a woman’s reproductive rights” and “personal choice,” a bi-partisan group in Congress was horrified that kittens were being used by the USDA to study a parasite-causing disease that affects humans and then euthanized.

Just a few weeks after a vote to authorize infanticide, Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon launched his Kittens in Traumatic Testing Ends Now, or KITTEN Act, which would “protect these innocent animals from being needlessly euthanized in government testing and make sure that they can be adopted by loving families instead.” The bill is sponsored in the House by Rep. Jimmy Pannetta (D-Calif.), who counts eight Republicans among the 40 co-sponsors.

If there is something incredibly wrong with killing baby cats, why isn’t there the same passionate plea to save the lives of baby humans? And if a politician can propose adoption as one method to save an animal’s life, why can’t that same thinking be applied to a baby who survives an abortion? While it is laudable to find other research alternatives that can prevent the disposal of any animal’s life, it is, at best, hypocritical to care about animal suffering and not care about human suffering.

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