The Complications of Saving a Surrogate-Born Child

Here’s another example of a child being viewed as a mere commodity. A legal battle recently developed between a Dallas, Texas, couple and the surrogate mother with whom they had contracted, because it was discovered that the baby had a serious-but-treatable heart condition. Once the contract parents discovered the unborn child’s medical condition, they wanted the surrogate to abort the baby. The surrogate refused to kill the child, so the contract parents stopped covering the surrogate’s medical costs. Since surrogates in Texas lose all rights once the child is born, the surrogate hired attorneys to ensure the baby would get life-saving surgery once birthed. Both the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office and the Office of the Texas Attorney General became involved in the case in support of the birth mother’s intentions. Fortunately, after the child was born last month, the contract parents agreed to pay for the child’s medical surgeries.

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